When Summertime Comes to an End

Snow Covered Furniture

What Should You Do With Patio Furniture in the Winter?

School is back in session and Labor Day, the last big outdoor holiday of the summer, is behind us. Now what? There’s still time to enjoy your patio furniture this fall, but with another impossible-to-predict Kansas City winter on the horizon, learn how to store and keep your furniture safe before it’s too late.

Bring It Inside

You don’t want to spend winter outside in the cold, and your patio furniture doesn’t either! In fact, outdoor furniture will lose years of its life under the harsh conditions of winter. Your best bet is to bring furniture inside to store in a dry environment that stays above freezing. In fact, research suggests that doing so can extend the life of your outdoor furniture up to three times longer than furniture that is left outdoors year-round.

Clean It First

Before putting your patio furniture to bed for the winter, give it a little TLC. Usually, mild dish soap and warm water will do the trick. Scrub furniture with a sponge or brush. Dry wrought iron furniture quickly when finished to avoid rust, which can stain concrete if it sits for a long period of time. If you have questions about the proper solutions and tools to use on your furniture, it is always a good idea to consult the manufacturer’s website.

Furniture Repairs

The off-season is also a great time to get those repairs done that you’ve been putting off. Over time, vinyl strapping becomes loose and dull. Powder coating finishes fade. Mesh becomes weak and torn. Nuts and bolts have rusted and cracked. Taking advantage of the fall and winter months to get your furniture back in top-notch shape will set you up for a better spring and summer next year.

New Again can repair and restore your metal and iron furniture. And we will even pick up your furniture and deliver it back to you when the work is done.

Keep your outdoor furniture looking great and lasting for years with proper winterizing techniques and repairs by New Again. The process is simple.

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  3. Sit back next spring and enjoy your restored outdoor patio furniture.

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